Baby Seat

Baby Seat

Parents can now enjoy trips without worrying about their babies

Studies have shown that parents tend to focus more on infants than anything while travelling

Baby Seat is an ultimate solution for infants and toddlers who require special care and attention during the journey. Unlike adults, the physical attributes of babies are sensitive and therefore, is prone to risks while riding in cars. We have introduced baby seats so that every infant and toddler along with others reaches destination safe and sound.

Considerate for your children as if they were our own

We at Get Heathrow Taxis provide special care to families with children because we know if the children have a great time than parents will surely do good as well.

That's why our baby seat comes handy; we have introduced baby seat according to laws in Britain that request vehicle owners and companies to provide baby seats for children with age restriction.

Cost? What Cost?

Get Heathrow Taxis proudly provides the baby seat with absolutely no charges or costs.

It is a complimentary gesture from our side to show how much we love your children and want them to be safe as long as long they’re travelling with us. However, families must request for baby-seat before travelling at the time of reservation so that baby-seat can be arranged in time.

Don’t Worry, Baby Seat is free