Privacy Policy

1. Disclaimer

Get Heathrow Taxis Ltd. has legally authorised owner of the name ‘Get Heathrow Taxis’ with the primary goal to serve as a taxi company.The company holds absolute rights, responsibility and privilege to every intellectual property including its name, website, content on the website, paper material and company documents. The fundamental purpose of such legal enlightenment is to clarify legal standing of the company along with its complete property and products. Get Heathrow Taxis is currently registered to the address [address].

Materials of this legal document shall be treated as it is for great security, confidentiality, and safety of both the customers/readers/passengers and the company. No other than Get Heathrow Taxis is allowed to provide amendments, modification, or changes of any sort upon personal interest and desire to the legal documents of Get Heathrow Taxis.

2. Conditions of Use

This legal document contains statements and clauses that are specifically meant to enlighten everyone about the usage of data and ownership details of Get Heathrow Taxis. Passengers and readers are requested to comply with the material of this and other company documents to bring improvement, understanding, and perfection to the company. Individuals must also take notice of the fact that Get Heathrow Taxis stands by its policies to ensure maximum sustainability.

Get Heathrow Taxis Ltd. is liable to request individuals by any affiliation mean to respect the integrity of the company kindly. It is strictly against the laws to redevelop, reproduce, plagiarise, copy, modify, amend, alter, change, modify, distribute or rewrite any materialistic content owned by Get Heathrow Taxis. Such immoral and illegal actions will not be tolerated considering greater cost such as company’s reputation. It is, therefore, humbly requested to passengers and readers to use company products, services and materials carefully with respect as it is entirely for educational, promotional, and for marketing purposes.

Content with other than reasons mentioned in last transition sentence will result in a violation of the company’s policy. Third Parties and individuals who wish to utilise the company material and products for promotional campaigns and marketing shall request through proper channel for affiliation. The online content of Get Heathrow Taxis is governed by DMCA. Therefore, we request everyone not to violate regulations unless otherwise face legal consequences from the governed authority. We have no affiliation with any political, rebellious, opposition, and the religious party that could result harmful for the government, Civil rights, patriotic freedom of the UK.

3. Types of Information

There are various types of information that we may wish to request from users and passengers. Such information shall only and only be used for productional and customer benefits only.

Indeed, it is of high significance to understand that these types of information may not harm anyone as long as they are not used for any other purpose by the company and by the provider. Following are some vital types of information that we may require at different stages:

  • Information referred to as Personal that includes Full Name, Father/Wife/Husband/Guardian’s name
  • Information referred to as Contact that includes Phone number, address [optional], and email address [optional]
  • Information referred to as Electronic that includes registered computer name, IP address, location, date and time [Read cookies section for clarity]
  • Information referred to as Legal that includes Identity card (ID), legal papers and passport [conditions applied]
  • Information referred to as Payment that includes account holder’s name, account number, and other bank details [conditions applied]
  • Purpose of requesting personal information may require recording details for online registration, for mobile or on-call booking
  • Purpose of the email address will allow the user to receive notification, updates, news, and deals from the company via email. However, unsubscription to such emails can be requested at any time
  • Purpose of Electronic information may require recording demographics for monitoring and control of traffic
  • Purpose of payment information may require proceeding with payments and transactions only

4. Purpose of Use

Get Heathrow Taxis LTD. is a customer-oriented taxi provider. We firmly believe in using every information, details we receive in absolute favour of passengers, users and company benefits. Individuals and third parties who wish not to provide the company with information mentioned above shall be found guilty of a violation. We only wish to use information for future improvement and perfection in our taxi services. We Also request users and passengers to enter valid, legal and authentic details while being careful and attentive so that falsification, which is a crime, can be avoided at any cost.

This legal document has absolute privileges before the company. Therefore, compliance from user end is necessary and mandatory by any means. We also wish to inform that we are liable to protect the user data from the violation, exposure, disclosure, transfer, sell, rent, and revealing data to anyone other than the company. We will not provide any third party or any property with such confidential information unless approached through the proper legal channels.

5. Use of Cookies

Cookies are electronic entities that save directly into the cache memory of the computer. The operation of cookies is to store information such as login details, IP address, computer and browser name, date and time of the users who visit our official website. Cookies are a built-in add-on of every browser for tracking purposes. Companies use cookies to monitor demographics of their websites.

Get Heathrow Taxis LTD. uses cookies and other various analytics software to monitor and control the overall traffic of the company’s website. We only utilise such tools (Google Analytics) to also monitor our progress and to know where our company stands on the internet. It helps us identify the intellectual worth of our company on Google and other search engines.

Passengers, Users, and Readers hold absolute privileges about their information and therefore, can completely discard, deny and disapprove cookies from our website and browser at their ease. Cookies appear as pop-ups on websites with an approve and disapprove option.

6. Security & Confidentiality

Get Heathrow Taxis is very concerned about safety, security and confidentiality of the customer’s information. Therefore, we like to showcase our 100% guaranteed security to user information as long as it is under our surveillance and property. However, there are matters of intrusion such as cyber invasion, hacking attempts, and other infiltration actions that may violate our laws and use information that either was mentioned to us. Taxi4 shall not be held responsible for any of above-mentioned immoral actions anywhere on the internet.

We are only responsible for user’s information entered to us through our website and registration purpose. Therefore, enter information correctly to us, and we shall protect it with everything.

7. General and Legal Warning

Get Heathrow Taxis LTD. is a private taxi provider in Heathrow with registered taxi services. The company owns everything that comes under the umbrella of its names such as products, services, offers, deals, electronic equipment and vehicles. We also wish to inform that these entities are subject to alteration and change that shall only be carried by the company upon knowing need and necessity for it.

Passengers, Users, and Third parties, who are found in violation to any rules above, regulations, and privacy policies, will be dealt with severe legal action through DMCA, DPA 1998 and British Law.